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Chapter 9: Your Politicians Are Responsible

Shanti Prabhu

Osho Times, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, United States

It has been said that violence is as American as apple pie. Why is the United States - a country that prides itself as a land of freedom - such a violent place? Is there a relation between violence in America and its so-called freedom?

Violence in America has deep roots: it is the only continent in the world which is being ruled by foreigners. The native Red Indians, to whom this continent belongs, are almost finished; and the people who think they are Americans, none of them are American. They have all come from other countries, invaded the poor country, invaded the poor innocent natives. The roots of violence are there.

The people who had come into power over this continent through violence have remained in power through violence. Unless the continent is given back to its people, this violence is going to remain.

It is a strange phenomenon that the foreigners who are ruling the country are trying to prevent us from living here. We are not trying to rule the country, we are not invaders. They are trying to call us foreigners just because they came here three or four generations ago. Time makes no difference, they are all foreigners.

We are not rulers; we have not invaded the country, we have not killed its people, we have not destroyed its people’s integrity and spirit. We have purchased the land and we have purchased it for the right price. Do you know how much the invaders paid the Red Indians for the whole of New York City? Thirty dollars - the whole of New York was purchased for thirty dollars. This is not purchasing, this is cheating innocent people.

The people who came in the early days of America were really criminals: they were thrown out of their countries, expelled. Those criminals became presidents, those criminals became chief justices of the Supreme Court. They were expelled from their own countries for crimes which were so big that the countries could not tolerate them ( either kill them or throw them out.

Then people from Africa were forced, bribed - persuaded and given great promises and hope that they were going to a rich world where they would receive all the facilities. What they found here was that they were sold in the marketplace just like cattle. Slavery had disappeared from the whole world, and it appeared just three centuries ago in America. And the slaves - although no longer called slaves - are still not first-class citizens.

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