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Chapter 1: The Psychology of War

Doubts have consistently been raised about Sanjay, and this is natural. From far, far away Sanjay is reporting to Dhritarashtra about what is happening at Kurukshetra.

Yoga has always believed that the eyes we see with are not our only eyes. Man also has another eye, which can see across the barriers of time and space. But just because yoga says this, it may not necessarily be the case that what Sanjay reports will be totally right. A doubt arises in the mind: how can Sanjay see across such a long distance? Is he omniscient? No. And first of all, the power to see and hear from afar is not really such a great power. It has nothing to do with being omniscient. It is a very modest power and anyone can develop it with a little effort. And sometimes it happens that as a result of some quirk in nature this power develops in someone of its own accord.

At present there is a person in America by the name of Ted Cerio. I would like to mention a couple of things about this man that will help you to understand Sanjay. Let us forget Sanjay for a while, because Sanjay comes from a very different time from us, and because we are under the influence of who knows what unfortunate times and have begun to think that all our ancient scriptures are imaginary.

Ted Cerio, who lives in America, is able to see anything from a distance of thousands of miles. Not only can he see, but his eyes even capture the image of what he sees. If he is asked to look and see what is taking place at this ground in Ahmedabad where we are having this discussion, Ted Cerio, sitting in New York, will remain with his eyes closed for five minutes, and on opening them, others there will see your photograph or picture in his eyes. Not only that, but the image that can be seen in his eyes can even be photographed by a camera. Thousands of such photographs have been taken, and the fact is that Ted Cerio’s eyes can capture any picture of any object from any distance. His eyes do not only see but can also capture the image.

This incident of Ted Cerio makes it clear that Sanjay is not omniscient - because Ted Cerio is an ordinary man, he is not a self-realized person. Ted Cerio has no idea about the soul, there is no spiritual quality to this man’s life, but he does have a power which enables him to see across long distances. It is, of course, a special power.

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