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Chapter 9: India: From Slavery to Freedom

So, even though freedom did come, thirty-three years have passed and those leaders know only one thing, how to create chaos. They go on doing the same thing. And those leaders know perfectly well that the only way to be in power is to go on creating chaos. The whole concern of those who are in power is to remain in power - and they can only remain in power if the country remains in chaos. So people go on fighting and they go on managing somehow, proving to the world that they are very much needed, otherwise the country will fall apart. And the interest of the politicians who are not in power is also in creating chaos, because that is the only way to come back into power, or to come into power.

So the politicians have learned the trick. They have won freedom - freedom means they have won power for themselves - and they know they have won the power through creating chaos, that’s the only way to be in power. So India should not be left alone - let people fight in every possible way. When people are fighting, their energies are wasted in fighting each other and you can easily rule them, because people become weaker every day. And those who are not in power know that if they can create more chaos than you can control, then of course sooner or later they will be in power. So it is a political game. Nobody is really interested in the welfare of the country.

The second thing to remember is that India has lived in a very repressive way. The cause lies in the phony morality. If people have lived with repression, then whenever there is some freedom that repressed energy starts uncoiling itself. Any energy repressed is sooner or later going to take revenge. Whenever there is a chance, an opportunity for the energy to explode, it will explode. Once the pressure on the lid is removed then the lid is going to be thrown off by the repressed vapor inside.

And India has lived longest under moral repression, so the people are boiling within. They talk about morality, but they go on raping women. They respect the saints, but they go on murdering, butchering. They go on talking about God, moksha, nirvana, truth, yoga, devotion, prayer - beautiful words! - but if you look at their life, all that they do is destructive.

India is not a creative country. No repressed society can be creative. A repressed society is afraid of creativity because creativity means expression - it is against repression, it is just the polar opposite. So Indians have double faces: one face to wear in public and another face to wear in private.

Some years ago, two rabbis met for lunch. After conducting a heavy philosophical exchange, the two turned to lighter topics.

“So,” said one, “what do you think? One of our boys got to marry that Elizabeth Taylor!”

“Oh,” snapped the other, “it won’t last a year!”

The first rabbi sighed and said, “I should have such a year!”

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