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Chapter 43: Logic Should Serve Love

One of his women remained for many years in love with him, and there was no reason to suspect her. But suspicion needs no reason. One day she wanted to go and see her mother who was ill, in the same town. And Adolf Hitler said no. Yes was very difficult for him to pronounce, for anything.

There is a deep psychological meaning in it. No gives you power. Yes does not give you power. Whenever you say no, you can feel power; whenever you say yes, you can feel love, you can feel compassion, but not power. Words have their own qualities. Those qualities you cannot find in the dictionaries. But in actual life if you go into the psychology of words, each word has its unique individuality. No is not simply a denial; it is an assertion of power.

There was no need to say no. She was going just to see her sick mother, and she would be back before he returned from the office. But yes was not his word. He only knew how to order, how not to accept anybody else’s idea. Even such a small thing, that had nothing to do with power..

He went to the office; the woman thought that she could manage: she could go and see her mother and return - he would not be back yet. She went, came back, and certainly she managed. But the first thing he inquired from the guard of the house was, “Has she been out? - how long?”

And Hitler loaded his gun and just went in and shot her - he did not even ask, he did not even give her an opportunity to say anything. That was enough. And it had to be a proof for everybody else, that not to follow his order meant death.

Hitler longed for love, but his mind longed for power - and you cannot ask for both.

This is the problem. The child is born with a heart which longs for love, but he is also born with a brain which can be conditioned. And the society has to condition it against the heart, because the heart will be always rebellious against the society, it will always follow its own way. It cannot be made into a soldier. It can become a poet, it can become a singer, it can become a dancer, but it cannot become a soldier. It can suffer for its individuality, it can die for its individuality and freedom, but it cannot be enslaved. That is the state of the heart.

But the mind.. The child comes with an empty brain, just a mechanism, which you can arrange the way you want. It will learn the language you teach, it will learn the religion you teach, it will learn the morality you teach. It is simply a computer; you just feed it with information.

And every society takes care to make the mind stronger and stronger so that if there is any conflict between heart and mind, the mind is going to win. But every victory of the mind over the heart is a misery. It is a victory over your nature, over your being - over you - by others. And they have cultivated your mind to serve their purposes.

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