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Chapter 12: Religiousness Is Interwoven into Existence Itself

If this was going to be, then it would be better, before something drastic came.because the government was getting more and more illegal; that was an absolute sign that they were getting drastic. Legally, they could not win; legally we were winning the cases. And to win against the government legally was certainly very shameful to the government. What were you doing if you went on losing cases? That means you were harassing these people. The courts were not supporting you, you were being illegal.

I had told her that sooner or later they will take a drastic step to finish the commune at whatever cost. And that’s what they did.

So I had sent her one year before to look for a location where I wanted to start this new phase of work. She came here, but because I had not agreed to her idea of keeping silent, forever.That was her idea, so she would remain forever dominant, the high priestess of the religion. She went on saying things which I had not said, and she did not say the things which I had said. She went on doing things, and then later on she asked my permission - and she had already done it!

Rather than looking for the place, for seven days she remained in Delhi, informing us from there, “Because of Punjab and India’s central government, and Indira’s assassination” - that was the time - “it is very dangerous to move in the Himalayan areas, so I am stuck in Delhi. If you say so I will go, but it is dangerous.”

So I said, “You come back. Don’t take an unnecessary risk; after a few months you can go again.”

When I came back here.She was not aware of the fact that one sannyasin she had asked, who must have been close to her in Pune, meanwhile got married to the daughter of one of my brothers. She asked the sannyasin - not knowing that he had got married to one of my brother’s daughters - she asked him, “You have an approach to the government” - he lives in Delhi - “so try to create something so that Bhagwan cannot re-enter India.”

I had sent her to find a place where I could move in case the government becomes absolutely mad - and that was going to happen. Instead of finding a place, she was trying to create a situation so that I could not enter India.

So the question was with me continuously that if I say “No” to the people who are in power, then they start being destructive. If I say “Yes” to them, then I go through a deep suffering that they cannot understand. Any one of my sannyasins, anywhere, unnecessarily harassed is a torture to me. So now I don’t want anybody to be on top of any sannyasin.

So tell my people they should not be worried: it is just a passing moment - it will pass. I am trying to find the right place; soon I will have the right place, and they will have more opportunity to come close to me.

And this will be better - smaller groups all the year round. I am going to drop all the festivals so there is no need for twenty thousand, thirty thousand people together, because then there is no intimacy. So the festival will be every day. And why have only one festival when you can have three hundred and sixty-five!