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Chapter 7: Life Is Not a Dictionary

His eldest son, Haridas, married a woman - Mohammedan - and he converted himself to Mohammedanism. It was a true test of Mahatma Gandhi’s honesty, integrity - he failed in it. He said to his wife, “Haridas cannot enter into my house again. And I don’t want to see him even when I die.” The tradition in India is that when the father dies, his eldest son gives fire to the funeral pyre. Gandhi’s anger was so much that he willed it that Haridas would not be allowed even near his funeral pyre. He would be dead, but his anger.. Haridas would not be allowed to give fire to his dead body either. And the whole world thinks he was a man of peace; and the whole world thinks he was a mahatma, a “great soul” - my foot!

He has said that this country would be divided only into India and Pakistan over his dead body. But the country was divided with his consent, and he completely forgot that he was saying continually: “While I am alive, the country cannot be divided.” And he was the one who was responsible for dividing the country.

He was the one who gave the untouchables the name “harijans.” But he himself never tried to allow harijans their dignity as human beings, because he could not offend the higher Hindu castes. Harijans are perhaps the longest-exploited group of people - utterly crushed. But not even the prime minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, has spoken against the Shankaracharya. In fact, he will go and touch his feet just to gain the votes of the high-caste Hindus. Those two hundred harijans could not have been arrested without Rajiv’s knowing. It will be good when the Shankaracharya gathers courage to come here. Rajiv is also invited - because these politicians and the priests together are the cause of the poverty of this country, slavery of this country. But they are interested only in their power. I am not a politician, but they seem to be very much afraid of me.

It is a strange story that even Indians coming to this place are being harassed by the police - police sent from Delhi, the central government. And Hindus and Indians are being asked for their passports.in their own country. It is against the very constitution; it is against the freedom of movement - in one’s own country you have to carry your passport! One has never heard of such a stupidity happening anywhere in the world; but India is really a genius in being stupid.

It is strange that although India is in such poverty, it is wasting 190 million dollars per year on advertising in other countries for tourists to come to India. And on the other hand, when my people come here they are harassed in every possible way; and my people are pouring ten million rupees per day into Pune’s economy. If the government were a little intelligent, instead of being seven thousand people here, there could be one hundred thousand sannyasins from all over the world. I wanted Pune to be the capital of the world. But because of these idiots..

Rajiv is perfectly aware that it was me who proposed to Indira Gandhi to train him to be the prime minister. He is taking revenge on me because he knows I was the person. And he was afraid and Indira said to me, “What can I do? You try to convince him. He does not want to leave his service as a pilot in Indian Airlines.”

And now that he is the prime minister.. When he was just a pilot, he was asking again and again to come here to see me, to ask my advice. And now he is the person in power who is trying all around the world, through the Indian embassies, to refuse to give visas to anybody who is coming to Pune. Pune has become my personal property!

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