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Chapter 21: Your Work Should Be Your Joy

They cannot arrest me, don’t be worried. And I have one million sannyasins around the earth, and more than two million sympathizers. There is no need for anybody to become terrorists, burn American embassies, or do any violent activity. All that is needed is, in front of every American embassy, go there and sit down and meditate. Let the whole world see that these people are simply meditators. Even in protest they are only meditating, not doing any harm to anybody, but just being silent; if you have some heart, it will respond.

All the sannyasins and the sympathizers meditating before American embassies will be far more effective than throwing bombs. This will humiliate them more than burning embassies. And this will bring pressure on the American government: “You are not dealing with terrorists, you are dealing with a mystic commune. And you should behave more humanly.”

This will be a beautiful opportunity to show the power of silent, meditative compassion: no destruction, no violence, no ordinary political kind of protest. Just see what meditation can do. It can destroy a whole empire.

Love is more powerful than any power.

You see a waterfall: the water is so humble, so weak against the rocks on which it is falling. But soon the rocks will be gone, the water is going to be victorious. The rocks were hard, very strong, but not before water. The power of meditation is the power of water. The power of politics, violence, is the power of the rocks.

Don’t be worried at all. Whatever happens - this is my experience of the whole of life: whatever happens brings something good to me and to my people. So whatever happens will be a benefit, a blessing.

Let them arrest me. I have informed them, if they want to arrest me they should come with handcuffs, because I want the whole world to see my hands with their handcuffs, to see that this is America - and this America is going to protect democracy in the world. It is destroying democracy itself, it is against its own Constitution. Just my hands raised with the handcuffs will have enough power. Don’t be worried. All their nuclear weapons are nothing. If they are going to take this risk, they will repent forever. They will see America and its prestige going down the drain.

And how long can they keep me arrested? Two hours? I have not committed any crime, but within those two hours they will have destroyed their credibility.

So it is up to them. It is for the attorney general to decide. If he has any intelligence, then it is better to leave us alone. But if he is as idiotic as I think he is, then he is bound to do something stupid which will destroy him - not me, not you, not the commune.