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Chapter 12: Camels Don’t Like to go to the Mountains

Why is it that through the ages, filthy corrupters, rapists of this beautiful planet, people who betray their own mother for power and wealth, are given the right to regale themselves in such an ostentatious manner so as to live freely, so to say, in their presidential palaces or princely retreats - not one but many - and a man of your light, height and far deeper understanding in every way is permitted only to breathe this stinking, polluted air which does not at all contribute to your physical health?
Osho, forgive me if I am being jealous, but it is disgusting and appalling to see the abnormality of it. In the past days I have seen their faces and heard their voices and it is sickening. Is this our fault? Is this a situation deliberately created by this silent intelligence to separate the cream from the curd?
If it be my decision, you are the one to be in every possible network media around the globe talking about Mendel or Horowitz, showing to the world the glory of existence that lives in your presence, because to you the blessings and love were given in their highest form and abundance and not raped and forced to abide with their manipulators, like the son-of-a-bitch Reagan and his kind have been doing for so long.
Forgive me Osho, if I am mistaken or serious about it, but in the past two weeks what I have seen in the world has made me sad and now I know less than I ever did.

Your question is so long that by the time I hear the end I have forgotten the beginning! Somehow because I have tried to remember the beginning, the middle is missing. You are certainly a great writer, but have compassion on me.

Question exactly, telegraphically; otherwise it becomes difficult to answer your question in its totality.but I will give a try.

The first part seems to be why the corrupted people are in power and in the palaces. I have quoted Lord Acton many times who said, “Power corrupts.” But he does not have the deeper understanding that corruption leads to power also. You have to be corrupted enough to be in power. Our minds are continuously forced to reach somewhere, to eminence, to become a president or to become a prime minister; only then have you fulfilled the meaning of your life.

This continuous teaching from parents, from teachers, from everybody pushes you towards all that gives power: money, position, prestige. And it is true that when you have power, by that time you are so corrupted.That has been your ladder to reach, and now you have immense power in your hands and nobody to prevent you.. What are you going to do with the power - more corruption or perhaps bigger goals ahead?

The past has been dominated because by will to power we have not been taught love, we have not been taught noncompetitiveness, we have not been taught humbleness, simplicity, just to be oneself. We have been dragged by great forces on every side to faraway powerful positions.

Corruption leads to power.

And in return power gives you more capacity to corrupt.

The past as a whole is ugly and criminal. Just because there has been a Gautam Buddha, or a Lao Tzu, or a Kabir does not matter. The past is so vast that these people can be counted out. The mainstream of humanity has been moving on wrong paths, and you are always in a crowd and the crowd loves to worship powerful people, to praise powerful people. The crowd is very willing to be enslaved by power, because power takes away its responsibility without it understanding that this also takes its freedom - but one wonders what you are going to do with your freedom.

For example, all the constitutions of the world talk about freedom of expression - but do you have something to express? So what is the point? For ninety-nine percent of people it is meaningless; they don’t have anything to express. And who cares about the one percent? He will be crushed. In fact the person who should have been praised and loved will be crushed.

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