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Chapter 5: The Future Is Open

You can stand before a mirror. The mirror can see you the way you are in the present moment. The mirror cannot see that tomorrow you will be a murderer.

The tomorrow is open. All the dimensions are open. You can choose anything, and there are instances where murderers have changed and become great saints. This proves the freedom of man.

So when I had chosen Sheela to be my secretary, my reasons were: the secretary has to be pragmatic, practical in worldly affairs, because she will be taking care of the commune. And she will have to manage the commune amidst a world.she has to be alert and aware about worldly ways.

She was not very educated, she had no university degree - she has been a waitress in a hotel in America - but I did not want a very intellectual person to be my secretary, because the intellectual person will destroy my messages by his intellect. And I wanted just a parrot - and she was good at doing it.

But the future is open.

I went into silence. The direct communication between me and you stopped; she became the only communication. She saw the opportunity, the great opportunity that you love me so much and you trust me so much that whatever message she brings from me you believe it.

That gave her a clue that you can be exploited, that she can bring any message to you which I have not given. She can change the message and you will trust totally and do it accordingly. That’s why for three and a half years you simply remained unaware of what she was doing. And power has a strange quality. It brings all your hidden desires to the surface. That’s why power corrupts.

It is not power that really corrupts, it only brings all the corrupted ideas in you to the surface, because power gives you an opportunity to give those ideas a reality. Those dreams can be transformed and materialized.

And everybody is full of so many unconscious desires, of which he himself is not aware. Only power will show. And it has been happening all through history.

When Indira Gandhi came to power in India she was innocent, intelligent, not political at all. She had not come from the lowest political levels, fighting, struggling and reaching to the top. That way one becomes very cunning, clever, experienced. She had just got the power because she was the daughter of the first prime minister of India. So she never moved through the power struggle. She had never dreamed about it, she had never thought about it. Her father had never mentioned it.

But the committee, who was to decide, was in a very difficult position. There was Morarji Desai - who was strong, adamant, stubborn and a perfect idiot. Once he gets into power, he is not going even to listen to the committee who appoints him. And he will do all kinds of stupidities, and there will be no way to prevent him.

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