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Chapter 7: Turning the Key

Thought has to be purified of desire. Once thought is purified of desire it is no-thought. Mind without desires is a no-mind. It is what Patanjali calls samadhi, Zen people call satori, Taoists call crystallization: the balance of the outward and the inward. And no energy is lost; it goes into the world and comes back like a bird flying in the morning into the sky, and by the evening it comes back to the nest.

Let your energy come back to the nest again and again. Don’t let it go forever without turning it back to you. And you will become a reservoir, and you will become tremendously powerful inwardly. Only in that power does intuition start functioning. In that power spirit-fire is born. In that power the true light-pole arises. In that power suddenly there develops the seed-pearl.

It is as if a man and woman embraced and a conception took place. Then one must be quite still and wait.

Meditation is complete and prayer begins. To bring meditation to prayer is the whole work of Tao.

Enough for today.