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Chapter 25: The Value of Freedom

Or they may hear you speaking even after death.


.whether you do or not.

But I will prepare them - and they are preparing. It has been a good experience for them, so that it should not happen again - they should not be political, but they should be aware that they are not being politically cheated, that somebody does not become political on their account and take advantage of them. It will not happen now. I will prepare them for it too, that they should keep an eye open.

Decentralization of power into many people’s hands will be one of the basic things. Second, the people should be taught that they do their meditations, they rejoice in their life, they need not worry too much about it, but they should keep an eye open. It is their life and nobody should become so powerful that he starts interfering. Now, it is against human freedom to tape somebody’s phone, to bug somebody’s room - it is inhuman and ugly. And that too, of people who love you, who are not against you - there are no political parties here.

But people do that, we know they do that. Were you surprised?

No, I am not surprised. I am never surprised because I know human mind so clearly. It can do any stupid thing - there is no need to be surprised.

I guess my hope is that by knowing that people will do any stupid, ego-oriented, power trip, that we can sometimes design strategies in advance to prevent that from happening.

I will be doing it. It will be prevented - it won’t happen again.

Decentralization of power is one way - other ways of.?

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