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Chapter 6: Desire of Self-Mastery

Desire power ardently. Desire this power ardently and remove your attention from all other types of power, because paying attention to those types of power will prevent this power from developing. And while you remain dependent on others, you will find that you are becoming weaker day by day. All dependent people become weak. Dependence, no matter what type it is, brings weakness.

We are all dependent, and we have created various ways and means through which we get the false impression that we are powerful. Dependence is a deception. It brings a feeling of power, but power is never attained.

There is only one power, the one which you are the master of, and nothing outside you can decrease it or increase it. Nobody can snatch it away from you or destroy it. Even if your body is coming to the end of its life, it does not make one iota of difference to your power. Your inner flame will go on burning just the same, your inner light will continue to shine just as brightly, your inner life-giving force will not be the tiniest bit weaker. Nothing can extinguish that life force. That life force is eternal and endless. To desire power ardently is to search for that eternal source.

And there is another very interesting thing. Naturally the power which you get from the outside is manifested on the outside. Inside you are weak, but outside people look at you with star-struck eyes. After you have become president everyone bows down to you, everyone begins to sing your praises. All the people start believing that you are powerful, and inside you are absolutely helpless and weak. Deep inside you know that there is no such power, but the whole world is seeing the influence of power. People can feel the influence of that power which has been gathered by outer means, because it is something that they have given to you. You are a mirror which is simply reflecting their power, which is returning their power to them. They can see what they have given you.

But the power which is born inside cannot generally be seen by others. It can be seen only by those who have had some experience of the inner self, otherwise not.

If Mahavira passed by, don’t ever think that you would be able to recognize him. But if Gama came by, you would be able to recognize him immediately. If an emperor came by, you would have no hesitation in recognizing him. If a Buddha came by, you would not be able to recognize him, because the Buddha’s power comes from the source and you do not have the eyes to see it. It will be just the opposite: if Buddha passes by you, you will think, “This man is nothing, of no significance.” You will have great difficulty in recognizing him, because this kind of recognition implies that your whole life has to be transformed in order for you to recognize him.

That is why it is not so easy to recognize Buddha. To recognize a Buddha you have to change yourself. In order to recognize him, you cannot remain your old self, you have to be new - only then can you recognize him. But who wants to take that much trouble? So we say: “What is the need to recognize a Buddha if in the process I have to change?”

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