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Chapter 4: Meditation: The Only Medicine

Now walk on with some other support.
Too self-serving had become the banks.
The walls you are standing under thinking them to be shelters
will collapse any moment.
Surely some miracle has happened today,
musical resonances are coming from the ruins.
It is no wonder if the limits of hope have shattered;
the swords are out of their sheaths.
What will happen to the boat, nobody knows;
the sails are conspiring with the thunderstorm.
.What will happen to the boat, nobody knows;
the sails are conspiring with the thunderstorm.
Thousands of helpless sighs are buried here;
these graves are not merely a heap of stones.

Here, sails are conspiring with the thunderstorm. Here, the ones you understand to be helpers are exploiting you. And those you think are your leaders are sitting on your chest. Have you noticed? When someone gets into office he starts talking law and order. And out of power a politician begins talking revolution; just with his being out of power the question of revolt arises. Then everything is wrong, everything should be changed. And just coming into power the question of law and order arises.. Everything is good, change is dangerous. Now it is necessary to be disciplined.

Everywhere in the world it has always been like this. Politicians only have lust for power, they are not concerned with order or revolt. Yes, when they are not keeping order, when the power is not in their hands, then they say everything is wrong; then a revolution is needed. And as soon as they come to power, revolution isn’t needed anymore because the work of the revolution is complete. Its work was this - to bring him to power. The job is done. Then whoever mentions revolution is an enemy.

And those that speak of revolution also have nothing to do with it. It is an amazing thing to watch - it is happening every day, and still man does not become alert. All revolutionaries become counterrevolutionary when they come to power. And all ousted politicians become revolutionaries as soon as they step down from office. Political office has great magic! Sitting in office - order, because now order is in your favor. Stepping down - revolution; now revolution is in your favor.

A religious person has nothing to do with order, nothing to do with revolution. A religious person is concerned with self-discipline. A religious person wants to wake up. With the help of outer things you have been seeking for a long time; but no order, no harmony could be created. Now wake up! Seek on your own. Be a light unto yourself. You have traveled far with the help of outer lamps and gone astray - and only astray, falling into ditches and ruins, being injured.

Light your own lamp, and move on your own.

No one outside can give you order. Create your own order. Let your life be filled with discipline from within.

Hari Om Tat Sat!