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Chapter 14: Each Step Needs Different Kind of People

But I thought you implied this morning that you would ask all sannyasins to leave Rajneesh.

I will. But they should purchase the properties as we have purchased from them.

Only if the properties are purchased then?

Unless, why we should leave? Those are our properties. And there are only twelve Antelope people and one hundred sannyasins - do you want in a democracy twelve persons should rule one hundred people? That should be simply stupid. And we are offering them that they can purchase back all the properties and we will immediately move. Then whatsoever they want to do with their town they can do. They can decompose it, they can destroy it, they can put fire to it - whatsoever they want. But we don’t want to do anything like that. That is not friendship. Decomposing, destroying a city, we consider an act of antagonism.

And why they are asking that? We are ready to give the properties to them, then they can have their own council and decide whatever they want to decide. We will not be interfering at all. But if they cannot purchase the properties, then they should ask all the Oregonians who were so much helpful, being hostile to us, that, “This is the time to show your real friendship - you purchase the properties.”

If they can gather signatures - one hundred thousand signatures they need to put a bill for destroying the city - they should rather ask people in Oregon. There are enough rich people who can purchase this small town very easily, and we will vacate immediately. Not even a second we want to be there!

Those houses are just simply rotten, third-rate. And if they cannot purchase, then they should move out - they are only twelve people. We are ready to purchase their houses. Either way, they should decide it.

Is it fair to say that aside from the allegations that you have made against Sheela and her group, that what the commune is experiencing now is sort of a cultural revolution, a whole change in attitudes in work?.

That’s bound to be happening.

.And that if that is true, some would argue that without a hierarchy, without a power structure, that the society would become too anarchistic, that work wouldn’t get done, that there would be financial problems.

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