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Chapter 3: Just Counting Other People’s Cows

In India radio is owned by the government, television is owned by the government. If they use my name, they may lose their jobs. And certainly during that series, which was continuing for six months, even ministers, cabinet ministers and the prime minister, were quoting from those statements, thinking that they have nothing to do with me. But the people who were listening knew that those statements were not coming from Indira Gandhi - they could not be, they had no relevance with the person - they were stolen. And they started searching for the place from where the statements had been stolen.

Finally I met the person, the director of that radio station. He was a lover of me, and he said, “I have been condemned. Hundreds of letters are coming to me, saying, ‘You are stealing. You are not mentioning Osho’s name.’ But if I mention your name then the series will be stopped that very day. I will continue as long as they don’t discover..”

And the moment it was discovered, immediately the series was stopped and the man was removed. He told me, “It happened because of that series. People started writing letters to the prime minister saying, ‘This man is stealing passages from Osho.’”

The prime minister herself had been stealing. Her lectures have been sent to me and, word for word, long passages have been stolen from me. But I have always taken the standpoint: let the truth reach to people by any means, by anyone.

I have been thinking that if the great powerful governments of the world are so afraid that they will not allow me entry into their country, just as a tourist for three or four weeks - if they are so impotent with all their power that they will not even allow me an overnight stay at the airport, which is legally my right..

My jet plane was standing at the airport in England, and the pilots had to rest. According to the law, after a certain period they cannot fly, so only in the morning would they be able to fly. I had every right to stay in the lounge at the airport, but they refused - as if with me there are different laws!

One of my friends who was traveling with me just happened to see the file of the man who was preventing me, because he went to the bathroom, leaving the file on the table. And my friend just looked and was surprised, because there were government instructions.. I had just arrived, but the file was ready, saying that if I try to stay even overnight I should not be allowed to stay in the first-class lounge, but I should be put in jail; I am a dangerous person.

In the airport lounge, from where I cannot get into the country.there is no way to get into the country from the lounge. There was every instruction about how they had to treat me. Without any crime, we had to stay for one night in jail in England - just because the pilots could not fly overtime. And the government was ready beforehand. It was not a spontaneous decision, it was well planned.

Now there are countries who have decided in their parliaments that I should not be allowed into their country. And they have a certain European parliament.. Just the other day I was informed that now they are considering in the European parliament - which is just a combined body of all the parliaments of Europe - a decision that I should not be allowed even to land my plane at any airport in Europe.

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