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Chapter 8: Listen Carefully!

The Shankaracharya does not want Hindu harijans to enter into Nath Dwara, a temple in Rajasthan. And Agnivesh is determined to take a big crowd of harijans and forcibly enter the temple - where never in the whole of history has any harijan been allowed. It is not because of great compassion that Agnivesh is trying to bring harijans. The Shankaracharya is determined that they cannot enter, and he will do everything to prevent their entry because that will spoil the purity of the temple.

The harijans should see a simple point, that for centuries Hindus have been entering that temple - what have they gained except poverty, slavery, starvation? What are harijans going to gain by entering Nath Dwara uninvited, rejected?

If they listen to an unprejudiced approach, they should spit on this temple which has not allowed their ancestors to enter in centuries. They should refuse. Even if the Shankaracharya touches their feet and asks them to come into Nath Dwara, they should not enter such ugly places - so inhuman, so violent.

But the poor harijans will not understand a simple fact: you have been tortured for ten thousand years and still you go on thinking of yourselves as Hindu. You are not! Hindus themselves have rejected you; you are not allowed to enter their temples, you are not allowed to read their scriptures. On what grounds do they say you are Hindus? They burn your villages, hundreds of people are burned alive - strangely, young children, old men; they just save the young girls, to rape. And this has been going on and on for centuries.

It is for the harijans to reject Agnivesh and tell him, “Go jump into the ocean. Don’t bother us, we are not Hindus.” And tell the Shankaracharya, “Why are you unnecessarily making a fuss? Who wants to enter your temple? Keep your temple!”

Harijans should declare themselves independent from Hindus. They are such a big force that they will change the whole character of Indian politics. They are one fourth of all Hindus; one fourth of the power should go to them.

Even Mahatma Gandhi deceived them. Before India’s independence, he was saying that the first president should be a harijan girl. He was managing two things: raising the respect toward women and the respect toward the harijans. And when the country became independent, he forgot it completely. Again the brahmins, the Nehrus - and they have made a dynasty. They call it democracy.

As an individual, I don’t belong to any party or to any religion. I am not a politician and I am not a religious man in the ordinary sense, because I am not Hindu, nor Mohammedan, nor Christian. I don’t feel that I have to belong to any organization; I am enough unto myself. And that is my whole teaching, that you should not belong to any organization, you are enough. Your splendor has to be independent.

Women also have to come to a conclusive decision that they will not vote for men. Half of the country belongs to the women - half of the parliament should also belong to them. They should ask for a separate vote; no woman is going to vote for any man of any party.

It is not a question of party, it is a question of the long slavery that men have imposed on women. All women should fight against this slavery.

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