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Chapter 13: Don’t Believe in Me

I was not involved. And to me, what she had said was not anything political: she had said it was a humanitarian program, and I am certainly interested in humanity. That is not politics. But she was deceiving me. I came to know only when I came out of silence and started meeting my people, that it was not a Share-a-Home program; it was just an effort to take over the whole county. It was an absolutely political strategy.

But it would seem that in recent statements you’ve made since that weekend, you’ve pledged to decentralize the power in the movement’s corporate structure, and that you’ve said, quote: “It will take a few days, but I will make it diffused.” and you’ve also said, quote: “There will be several equal corporations, and several presidents of equal status.” Now reading that, to me, you must then have the power to say, “Go do this.”

No, I don’t have any power. I have something more than power - that is my love. I can advise my people, whether they do it or not is up to them. But I love them, they love me, and there is an understanding between us which is not of power. I am not ordering them to do it. I am simply explaining to them that whatsoever wrong has been done, should be undone.

So you’re there to give advice to your heads of the corporations.

Just advice.

But it’s advice, it’s not a direct order.

No, it is not an order; it is just advice from a friend.

It’s been said that your new corporate leaders have been referred to by some sannyasins as the “Beverly Hills money crowd.” and concern has been expressed that once again the power has passed to a close-knit elite group of favorites. Would you respond to that, please?

Whosoever has been informing you is absolutely wrong. My own understanding is that the people who were in power all came from poor families, and I hate poverty. Whenever a poor person gets an opportunity he is bound to take advantage, to be rich, to be powerful, and that’s what happened. So this time I have advised my people, “Give power to those who already have enough money, and are not interested in taking money from you.” On the contrary, they will be putting their money into the commune.

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