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Chapter 5: Be a Light unto Yourself

Adolf Hitler was very much afraid of death - so much so that he never allowed anybody to stay with him in his room in the night. Not even a girlfriend was ever allowed, he was so afraid of death. Who knows? - the girlfriend may turn out to be a spy, may be an agent in the hands of the enemy. He never trusted even love.

He was one of the most lonely men who has ever existed on earth.and so afraid, continuously trembling. But he continued killing people - that was just to balance the fear. The more he killed, the more he felt that he had power. The more he felt that he had power, the more he felt that death could not destroy him. He started feeling as if he was immortal.

Have you watched? - in wartime people look very radiant. In wartime people look very fresh. Ordinarily they look very bored. When war starts, you can see - their step has changed, their eyes have now a glimmer, a radiance.their face looks more alive, as if the dust of the boredom is gone. Something sensational is happening.

It should not be so, but whenever there is war people feel a power over death - they can kill. Immediately, in the shadow of their unconscious they feel, “Even death is within our boundary. We can bring it or we can stop it.” People love destruction just as a measure of providing security against death.

The search for power is the search not to surrender, not to feel helpless, not to be in a state where you are not in control. And the religious man is doing just the opposite. He is seeking a state where he is not in control but the whole is in control - call it god, call it the supreme, or whatsoever you like to call it.

The religious person is one who wants to be in such a deep harmony that there is no question of conflict. He is seeking love. He is seeking a love affair with the universe. He never asks about power. He asks how to lose separation, how to merge. He asks, “How to be in such a total surrender that I don’t move in any way against the whole or separate from the whole, so that I can move with the river of life. And wherever the river of life goes, I can go with it.”

“What is most powerful?” asked the monk.

The Buddha said:
Meekness is most powerful.

Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” The statement looks absurd, because the meek? - they have never been powerful enough to inherit the earth. And we cannot conceive that they will ever be able to inherit the earth. But Jesus is saying something very true: Blessed are the meek.

And when he says they shall inherit the earth, he is saying this same message that Buddha is saying. Meekness is most powerful - that is his meaning when he says they shall inherit the earth.

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