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Chapter 18: Wakefulness Is Awareness

So he is in a very difficult dilemma. He knows what is right and he also knows what is traditionally right. And he proved not as strong as I have always thought. He could not prove himself to be a true revolutionary. He could not go against the tradition. I will show you how he becomes mixed up and how he starts talking nonsense. He has to - just to console the traditional people, just to keep in line with the orthodox theology.

This question also belongs to the same category. And he falls into such idiotic answers that it becomes almost hilarious. Once in a while he is true, but only once in a while. Most of the time what he is talking about is irrelevant and I for one absolutely disagree with his answers.

The sutra:

You should realize that the practice you cultivate does not exist apart from your mind.

This is true. Whatever you practice, you have to practice through the mind. Hence enlightenment cannot be attained through practice. Because if enlightenment could be attained through practice, that means it is a by-product of the mind, just like any dream, any hallucination, any illusion, any thought. And just as thoughts disappear, your enlightenment may disappear at any moment.

I had one German sannyasin, Gunakar, who has become enlightened so many times that now he has stopped completely, dropped the whole idea. When he became enlightened for the first time - he has a beautiful castle in Germany, in a very beautiful, scenic place - he declared his enlightenment to all the presidents and prime ministers and to all the ambassadors and to all the members of the UN. He wrote a letter.he informed me also..

I said, “Gunakar” - he had just gone from here a week or two weeks before and I had not seen any sign that he was going to become enlightened so soon. I informed him, “Just come back; first I have to see..”

So he came back, and as he came back, slowly, slowly as he came closer to Pune, enlightenment disappeared. He became aware that this was stupid.”I don’t know anything.” But in Germany it was perfectly good, because nobody understands what enlightenment is. When he declared, “I am enlightened,” people thought, “Perhaps.nobody has ever heard what this enlightenment is. He may be.” And naturally, nobody contradicted it. But he became afraid, and when he came in front of me he said, “Just forgive me. I have become absolutely unenlightened again.”

I said, “Remember that whenever this desire arises in you, before acting and starting to write letters to all world governments and ambassadors and presidents that if they want any advice, you have become enlightened; first, you have to come here.”

Two years he remained silent and one day I received his letter again. He said, “Osho, this time it has really happened and I am coming.”

I said, “Okay, come.”

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