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Chapter 4: Fighting Cock

Your practice is just to push the coil to the very end - push the spring to the very end. What happens? You try it with a spring - you push it to the very end and then let it go. It will not only uncoil, it will jump. This happens if you practice with your whole being as much as possible - you can never be really whole, but as much as possible.

Your mind, just like a spring, is pushed against a wall and you go on pushing and pushing and pushing. All these meditations that I tell you to do are just pushing the mind to the wall, to the very end. And the moment I see that now there is no more ahead, the spring cannot be pushed any more, any further, you are almost ready, I will say, “Drop!” The spring will not only uncoil, it will jump out of you! And once the mind jumps out of you, you are freed from it. Then no practice is needed. Then there is just moment-to-moment living, celebrating; then moment-to-moment thanksgiving; then moment-to-moment bliss and ecstasy.

Enough for today?