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Chapter 13: Prayer Simply Happens

The absolute cannot be known by any method, it cannot be known by any teaching, it cannot be known by any scripture. The absolute cannot be known as an object of knowledge because it is the very center of your innermost core, it is the foundation of all your knowing. Hence it cannot be known as the known. No method will help, no teaching will help, no philosophy will be of any support in fact, they will hinder. To know the absolute, one has to drop all doctrines, all philosophies, all ideologies, all methods.

Just the other day somebody had asked: “Is it possible to find God by practicing Yoga?” God cannot be found by practicing anything - neither Yoga nor Tantra nor Zen nor Tao. God cannot be known by practicing anything whatsoever. Who will practice? All practices are confined to the mind and the mind practicing something means the mind is strengthened more and more through the practice, the mind is exercising and becoming stronger. Every practice strengthens the mind, and the mind belongs to the relative; It is the very foundation of the relative.

You can practice Yoga: you will have a better body, a better mind, you will have a better memory, you will have a longer life; all these things are possible. If you go deep into practicing Yoga you may even start having few miraculous powers, siddhis, because you will discover subtle forces of the mind and the body which are not ordinarily available, which are not functioning. You will come across many new energies which you had never suspected.

Psychologists say major part of the brain is not functioning, and they are puzzled because if it is not functioning then why it is there? It seems to have no purpose and nature never creates anything without any purpose - it must have some purpose. But psychology has not yet been able to find any purpose and psychology may not be able to find. Unless Yoga, Tantra, Zen, Tao and all these methodologies of reviving subtle energies of the mind are included in scientific research work, psychology may not be able to find out any function

Even physiology has not found functions for few things, hence they are every time ready to remove your appendix because it has no function. The doctors are ready to remove your tonsils any moment because they don’t seem to have any function - as if nature can grow something in you which has really no function. Then why your appendix should exist at all? Ordinarily - physiology is right and psychology is right - they don’t have any function; but if you enter into the world of Yoga you will be surprised: even your appendix has a function, your tonsils have a function, and the major part of the brain which is non-functioning starts functioning.

You can start reading other people’s thoughts. This will be done by a new center in the mind; the old centers cannot do it. You can start even projecting your thoughts into other people’s mind; they will think they are thinking those thoughts. In fact, you are flooding their minds by your thoughts. You can have great powers of deceiving; they will not be able to see how you are doing it - how you are materializing a Swiss watch out of the air they will not be able to see. Just you know one simple technique: how to prevent them from knowing what is being happening just in front of their eyes.

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