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Chapter 5: Meditation Does Not Need God

“.while l go and pray yonder.”

Jesus is going to pray; prayer is a bridge. The son is going to pray to the Father; the lower is going to pray to the higher; the earth is going to pray to the sky; the seed is going to pray to the tree, to the future.

Prayer is love.

Jesus says, “I am going to offer myself to my God. Sit silently, watchful, alert” - as watchful as the beloved awaits the lover, as alert. If anything moves, she suspects that maybe the lover has come; these may be the footsteps of the lover.. She runs to the door. It may be just a wind passing by, it may be just wind playing with the dry leaves on the street, it may be just a beggar, it may be just a stranger, but a beloved remains alert, watchful, waiting - passionately, intensely focused. Jesus says, “Watch ye, sit here. I am going to pray.”

When a man like Jesus prays, God answers. If your prayers have not been answered, don’t complain. It simply shows that you have not prayed. If your prayers have not been answered, it simply shows that you have done something else, not prayer. Prayer is a total, unconditional offering, saying, “I am yours. Thy will be done.” Jesus is going to pray. When Jesus goes to pray, the earth is going to meet the sky. If the disciples can be silently watchful, they will become witnesses to the greatest event, to a tremendous event: the sky coming down to meet the earth, the God descending to meet the son. A great phenomenon within Jesus’ heart is going to happen: the polarities are going to become one, the opposites are going to meet. Rightly he said to his disciples, “Sit ye here while I go and pray yonder.”

One more thing, and then we can move on.

A meditation is just sitting. A meditation is just being where you are. Prayer is a going, meditation is a sitting. In prayer you extend your being. In prayer you rise like high waves in the ocean to touch the beyond. In meditation you simply wait. Meditation is passive, prayer is not; prayer is active. In meditation, you simply open the doors of your heart and you wait. In prayer that is not enough - you open the doors and you run towards the height. That’s why Jesus says, “While I go and pray yonder. You meditate while I pray.”

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