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Chapter 8: Real Is for Always

My own words are: if two bodies are feeling attracted to each other, it is sex; if two minds are feeling attracted to each other, it is love; if two souls are feeling attracted to each other, it is prayer. And prayer is the highest form. Sex is the lowest form. Don’t think of the lower as the higher, otherwise you remain misguided.

A man and woman had been going together for some time and finally she agreed to go to bed with him. While going to his apartment, they passed some swank shops. The woman admired some expensive Italian shoes.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll get them for you,” he said. Then she saw a real Parisian dress.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll get that for you, too.” Finally, a mink coat caught her eye. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll get that coat for you.”

They finally got to the apartment, made love, and in leaving, again passed the shops.

“There is the coat you are going to buy me,” she said.

“Come on away from there,” he snapped.

“Oh, and there is the dress.”

“Come on away from there,” was again the reply. Finally she saw the shoes and pointed them out. Again he responded, “Come on away from there.”

She began to cry and sobbed, “I don’t understand. Before we made love, you promised me all those things. Now, just two hours later, you are breaking your promises.”

“Baby, it’s like this. When I am hard I am soft, but when I am soft I am hard.”

Enough for today.