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Chapter 4: The Drunken Dancer

An ordinary woman passes by. She is a woman - but if love calls in your heart she is no longer a woman, she is a beloved. We can say all beloveds are women. To become a beloved is a certain function in the being of a woman - when she is called, when she is no longer just a “she,” she becomes “thou,” becomes related.

Have you watched this transfiguration? The woman may have passed you many times; you may have seen her many times, yet she was just a woman, as there are millions of women. Then suddenly one day something changes. The woman is no longer an ordinary woman; she has become divine. She is a beloved. Now suddenly she has come close to you; your heart has called.

Or a man. You know him, as one of so many men - just a statistic, just a number in millions of men. He has no particular face for you, is unrelated to you. If that man disappears and is replaced by another, you will not even notice the difference. He is only a number, is not yet a person to you. Unprovoked, uncalled, he remains anonymous, he has no name. Then suddenly one day love arises. He is no longer an ordinary man; he has become a god.

Provoked, called, related, you have become.a communion has happened. And not only that the man has changed; you are also changed simultaneously. Something of the beyond has entered.

Yes, there is a function of the word God: life provoked, life become a thou, life become a person. You are no longer indifferent to it. You feel for it - a communion has happened. Then life becomes God. Then life is no longer with a lower case “l”; now it is with a capital “L” - Life.

But there is no way to understand “God” through intellect, because there is no way to understand love through intellect. “God” is love provoked. And in that light of love, everything is transformed. It is alchemical, magical.

Give a little of “God” to yourself ( that’s my whole effort. When I say “Life is God,” I am meaning to say don’t see “God” in the temples and the mosques and the churches. There you will find the “God” of the philosophers, theologians - which is a bogus God, a false coin, counterfeit. Look in the trees, in the flowers, in the stars, in humanity, in animals, in birds. Wherever there is life, look deep down there. Provoke God there. Be prayerful there. Be prayerful before a tree. Be prayerful before an animal. Be prayerful before the stars. Provoke God there. There is the real temple.

When I say “Life is God,” I mean this: don’t be confined in temples and don’t be confined in churches and don’t be confined by Bibles and Gitas and Korans. Don’t be confined at all. Life is infinite. Meet life as it is. Meet the infinite. Don’t be afraid of the infinite.

Where is the fear of the infinite? The fear is that with the infinite you will disappear. In a church you cannot disappear. You can manage. A church is your construction. It is arbitrary. It is artificial. It is a plastic flower. You can control it, manipulate it. Behind the curtain are your hands. The “God” in the church is your creation.

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