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Chapter 1: The Divine Is You

“I will call you the manifest Brahman,” the seer says, “I will also name you the truth and rit, the law, because you are just like that which is and is not known to us; who we ourselves are and yet whom we do not know; who is now and here since eternity and not known by us. But this search may be fulfilled, if all the gods protect us.”

What is meant by gods is the endless number of life-forces since eternity. And life is a vast network of endless numbers of forces. Your existence is also a vast network of these endless powers. Within you meet the sun, Varuna, Indra, Vayu; Agni, the fire; Prithvi, the earth; Akash, the sky - they all meet. If we can know one individual in his totality we have known the whole of the existence in seed form. Everything is there in the individual, everything has united in him, and in their meeting the individual exists.

So prayer is for the help of all these. But will the sun help? That question does arise. Even if the prayers are done, will the sun help or will the Vayu help or will the earth help? The question is not of the earth’s help or the sun’s help, but that you prayed - that is the great help! Let this be understood properly.

No sun is coming to help you, but you prayed and it will affect you, not the sun, because a prayerful mind becomes humble, a prayerful mind becomes helpless, a prayerful mind accepts the fact that alone it cannot accomplish anything; a prayerful mind is ready to dissolve and give up its ego and the feeling that it can do it. And these things bring results. The whole outcome of the prayer is on you. The prayer does not change the sun, but you. And the moment you change, you enter into another world.

Normally, when you pray you think that someone is going to do something for you, and that is why you pray. No, prayer is only a device. Certainly you join your hands in prayer towards someone else, but its consequences happen within you - in the one who has joined hands in prayer.

Thus there are difficulties in understanding it. If you pray in the presence of a scientist, “Oh sun, help me!” the scientist will say, “What nonsense! How can the sun help you? When has the sun ever helped anyone?” Or you pray, “O Indra, bring rains!” and he will say, “Have you gone mad? Have rains ever fallen by prayers?” The scientist is right.

Neither the sun nor the clouds nor the winds will listen to you. None will listen to you. But the fact that you called out will transform you. How intensely you called will create an equally deep intensity within you. If your whole being calls out, you will become a totally different person.

This is what prayer is for.

Enough for today.