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Chapter 7: The Treasure

But Rabbi Bunam says, “There is something you cannot find anywhere in the world, not even at the Zaddik’s..” He says that there is something which you cannot find anywhere, not even in the presence of a master. But don’t feel hopeless - “there is nevertheless a place where you can find it.”

That place is you, and that time is now. In fact the Zaddik’s, the master’s effort is nothing but to throw you to your ‘presentness’, to make you available to existence, or to make existence available to you.

This presentness cannot be taught, but it can be caught - hence the value of satsang, of being in the presence of a Zaddik, of a master, of a guru. Just to be there doing nothing.. In fact a master is not doing anything. He is just there. A master is a prayerfulness, a constant thankfulness. With each breath he is thanking existence - not verbally, his very breathing is a thankfulness; with each beat of his heart he goes on saying thank-you. His thank-you is not verbal, it is existential. His being is prayerfulness. To be in the presence of such a man may help you to have some taste of prayerfulness. That taste will start a new journey in your life - the inward journey.

You have been seeking for centuries, for millennia, and you have not yet found. Now, let the seeker be the sought. You have traveled outside for so long that you are very tired, very exhausted.

Jesus says, “Those who are tired, those whose burden is heavy, they should come to me. I will give them rest.” What does he mean? He simply means, “Come to me. I am at rest. Be close to me. Have a taste of it.” And that very taste will turn the tide and you will start moving inwards.

You are here with me. Have a taste of my being. Don’t just listen to my words, listen to me. Taste me. And then suddenly you will be here and now, and you will be turning inwards and you will not ask for anything and you will not desire anything and you will not have any movement into the future and you will not have any clinging with the past.

And then this moment is liberation, this moment is enlightenment.

Enough for today.