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Chapter 7: The Rock Bottom of It All

Always make it a point while working in the group to put yourself into it totally, not to hold anything - as if this is going to be your last group.

One should always work that way.that is the only way to be creative. If you are painting a picture, paint as if you are going to die, and this will be the last picture you do. Gather together all your energies, all that you know, all that you have experienced, all that you have loved and lived. Put it together in essence, because this will be a testament. This painting will be a testament of your whole life’s judgment.

And this is so with small things too. If you are drinking a cup of tea, drink it as though it is going to be the last. Taste it deep reverence and silence and prayerfulness.

When you paint you are working on canvas, you are working with a dead thing. But when you are working with people you are working on the divine. You are in a temple; you are with the holiest, the highest evolution that has happened. In man, earth has become unearthly, the miracle has happened. Man is just dust, but something of the divine has happened in the earth.dust and yet not just dust.

So treat each human being as a god, not less than that; more is good, but not less than that. Bring your total energy to it, and then each experience will be a total explosion for you.

After the group, for two days have a good rest, remain silent and don’t talk. Be on juice, very light things. Touch one polarity through activity. Go as far as you can go, as far as human limits allow, the furthest possible. Then relax and let the energy move inwards. The farther you go, the farther in you will be able to come in your silence; it will always be proportionate. These are the two polarities - between them is the whole rhythm of life, the whole song, the whole dance.

And while you are passive, watch what is happening: silence.more silence.more silence. A point comes where you almost disappear - only silence remains, becomes even heavy. There are moments it even becomes unbearable, too much - but allow it.

By and by you will become capable of bearing more. And the more capable you become, the more will be happening; it always happens according to your capacity. And never complain - life always gives you whatsoever you have earned. There is no injustice in existence; it is absolutely just.


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