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Chapter 34: Out of The Mind - Below or Beyond

Then each moment becomes so precious that you will not sing the song of freedom, you will live it. You will not talk about truth, you will know it. You will not worship God, you will find him wherever life is - all over existence.

The closer I get to you, the madder I become, and I have noticed this phenomenon in other disciples. Please comment.

The question shows you are not yet mad enough because those who are mad never accept that they are mad. That is one of the absolutes: the madman never accepts that he is mad.

You can look in madhouses, you can ask as many madmen as possible, and you will be surprised that they are all shocked that people think that they are mad. No argument convinces them; on the contrary, they are ready to give every argument to prove that they are not mad.

It happened in the second world war, Winston Churchill had gone for a walk in the evening, tired of the whole day’s work, and the tremendous responsibility and tension - because Adolf Hitler was bombing exactly over London. He forgot in his thoughts that after six o’clock he had to go inside the house; an absolute curfew ordered that after six o’clock, nobody should come out of the house. As Churchill remembered it, he saw that it was six-fifteen. And it was not in India where, if you are the prime minister, no law applies to you; it was Britain where it makes no difference whether you are the prime minister or a nobody.

He rushed to the closest house because his own house was far away, it would take fifteen minutes.the streets were deserted, he could be caught, and that would become a scandal - that even the prime minister does not follow the rules that he decides for everybody to follow.

He knocked on the door. A man opened the door, and he introduced himself saying, “I am Winston Churchill, prime minister of the country, and by chance I forgot to return home in time. Please give me shelter.”

Before he could end his sentence, the man, a very strong man, pulled him in. Churchill said, “What are you doing?” The man said, “Shut up! We already have three more Winston Churchills in here.”

It was a madhouse!

Winston Churchill said, “But I really AM Winston Churchill.” The man said, “Forget all about it. They all say the same thing. Everybody is really Winston Churchill.”

He said, “Let me phone my wife, or to the palace.” The man said, “Forget all these things. Just get into your cell so I can lock it. And don’t make any nuisance in the night, because we are tired of these Winston Churchills. Those three are also continually saying, “We want to talk to Buckingham Palace; we want to inform parliament what kind of misbehavior is being done to the prime ministers.”

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