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Chapter 15: The Smokeless Flame

What? What?? What???

You remind me of a story:

A man was troubled for many years with a sore arm. He had been to many doctors and could not find out what was causing the problem. Finally a friend urged him to see a doctor who was famous for his ability to diagnose illnesses. The doctor was very expensive and he had to wait a long time for an appointment. Finally he sat waiting in the office. The doctor walked in, handed him a jar and told him to return it the next day with his first morning’s urine. Then he promptly left the room.

The man was infuriated! “He did not even look at me,” he thought. “And how can he tell what is wrong with my arm from my urine?”

The next morning, the man, still angry, peed in the jar. Then he had his wife pee in it, then he had his daughter pee in it. Then as he walked out the door he saw his dog peeing on a tree and he got some of that also. He gave the urine to the doctor and sat there laughing to himself.

Just then, the doctor returned to the room and exclaimed, “Please sir, this is no laughing matter! Your wife has been fooling around on you, your daughter is pregnant, your dog has worms, and if you don’t stop jerking off, your arm will never get better!”

Now you ask me, “What? What?? What???”

I am not this kind of doctor, you will have to go somewhere else.

The fourth question:

Why can not I feel any wonder in existence?

You are too knowledgeable, you know too much. And all that you know is just holy cow dung - all knowledge always is. Wisdom is a totally different matter. Knowledge is all rot, junk; you gather it from here and there, it is not your own. It has no authenticity, it has not grown in your being, you have not given birth to it.