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Chapter 29: Pregnant with Enlightenment

Neither love alone can do it - because it is too much trouble - nor meditation alone can do it, because without love, meditation becomes more like the silence of a cemetery, of a graveyard. It is no longer dancing, it is no longer flowering. Yes, there is peace, but the peace is deathlike - it is not alive. The peace is no longer breathing, the peace no longer has a heartbeat.

My whole life has been devoted to only one single program: how to bring love and meditation together - because only through that meeting a new humanity is possible. And only in the meeting of love and meditation, the duality of man and woman - the inequality of man and woman - disappears.

The women’s liberation movement cannot deliver the goods. I am not directly concerned with women’s liberation, I am concerned with the liberation of all - because if woman is not liberated, man is also not liberated. They are functioning with each other as the jailer and the jailed; they are in bondage to each other. Neither man is liberated, nor woman - both are living under a slavery imposed by each other in the hope that perhaps if they enslave the other, they will be free. But the other has its own ways of enslaving you.

Only in meditation, in silence, where love blossoms, there is - without any struggle, without any fight - a natural harmony, equality, a natural equilibrium. And when it is natural, it has a beauty of its own.

Dhyan John, you are asking, “Can men get pregnant?” The whole culture, all that is civilization, is nothing but the result of a few men getting pregnant. Every man has the capacity to be pregnant; but very few people take the challenge, move on the arduous path. The woman’s pregnancy is only biological. Man cannot be pregnant biologically, but spiritually he can be pregnant. And woman can also be pregnant spiritually as well as biologically.

And you are asking, “Have you been visiting me in the night, Osho?” Dhyan John, do you think I am a holy ghost, making virgin girls pregnant - and now, getting tired of girls, I have started making men, virgin men like Dhyan John, pregnant? I am not a holy ghost - I am not a Christian at all. But it is true, you are pregnant. Feel blessed, rejoice in it! And allow it as much nourishment as possible. It is going to give birth to you - a new you!

I can sense some mysteries which you never speak of. Is it that we must come in the night and take them? Or are some mysteries simply revealed once we are drowned in them? Beloved, beloved Osho, what does understanding mean?

Devageet, it is true, there are mysteries which I never speak of. Not that I don’t want to speak about them, but their very nature is - they cannot be spoken of. You will have to listen to them while I am silent. You will have to listen them between the gaps of my words. Words cannot indicate towards them, but silence continuously shouts about them. You just need the right way of listening - just as you understand a language because you have learned it.

Silence is also a language, the language of existence.

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