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Chapter 14: Just Give Way

This is continuously going on.I say something, you understand something else. You go on misunderstanding me; your prejudices come in the way. Your philosophies, your religions, your accumulated knowledge, continuously distract you, hence the confusion. Those who hear me - they are never confused. Those who don’t hear me - only they are confused. So learn how to listen. Become more alert. When you listen to me, don’t think! Become pure awareness, transparent; just a clarity, mirror-like - don’t distort. Just listen to it, there is no hurry to decide.

I am not saying believe what I am saying - I am neither saying believe it nor am I saying don’t believe it - I am simply saying listen to it. There is no question of belief or disbelief. If you have listened rightly, things will start happening. So don’t be in a hurry to judge whether what I am saying is right or what I am saying is wrong. I am not asking for your conviction, your approval, disapproval; I am simply asking for your transparent, mirror-like clarity. In that very clarity, whatsoever is true reaches deep into your heart, sinks deep; and whatsoever is untrue never penetrates that clarity, that transparence. Transparence is the only protection against the untrue.

What is happening right now? You are not transparent, so only distorted things enter. Whatsoever goes with your prejudices enters in, and whatsoever goes against your prejudices - you don’t allow it, you don’t hear it. You don’t even want to hear that it has been said, because you feel afraid. If you hear it, your prejudices may become weakened, may become loose. Your whole investment in the past is at stake every moment with me. And what I am saying is rebellion, it is not tradition. If you cling to the tradition, there will be great confusion. If you cling to the scripture, there will be great confusion. Don’t cling to anything. Just listen to me and you will see that there is no confusion. And out of that clarity understanding arises.

Understanding is not intellectual; it is not a by-product of thinking. Understanding arises when you listen to me totally - as if your whole body had become your ears; mind, body, soul, all together, just drinking me in. Then arises understanding. And understanding never confuses; understanding has no possibility of confusion.

Sometimes I say things to shock you because that is the only way to wake you. The purpose is not to shock you; the purpose is to wake you. Sometimes I say things to uproot your prejudices. I am not against them. I am simply trying to clean your ground.as if a person wanted to plant a new garden, a new lawn. What is he going to do first? The weeds have to be removed, the soil has to be cleaned of all stones, weeds, grass. If that is not done, then roses cannot grow there. While I am talking to you it is a continuous effort to uproot weeds. If you cling to those weeds, you will feel very disturbed: I am uprooting and you are trying to protect them - then there is a constant fight between me and you.

That’s why I insist so much that this fight disappears if you become a sannyasin, if you become an initiate. You are more in tune with me, you are less afraid of me. You feel more deeply in love with me, more en rapport, and work becomes easy. When you don’t protect, things can be done fast; the ground can be cleaned very easily. And once the ground is clean, then there is a possibility for beautiful roses.

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