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Chapter 3: A Rolling Stone

That’s why it is very difficult to find a sympathetic journalist, very difficult - because he comes for one or two days and he looks around and he sees all kinds of things which he has never seen anywhere. He becomes worried. He has his prejudices that these are the things only mad people do. How can sane people do these things? So this is a mad place. When he sees you so happy, he cannot believe it, because happiness is impossible. Then you must be hypnotized; somebody has hypnotized you. That’s why you are feeling happy - this is a hallucination. You have fallen into an illusion.

These are logical conclusions for him, because he comes with a prejudice. And people have prejudices and prejudices, layers upon layers of prejudices. That’s why it is very difficult to make them understand. They have always been misunderstanding people like me and their work. And the reason is what the doctor says:

“Great king! I had for so long seen nobody but the ailing that I had begun to imagine that everyone was ill and mistook the bright eyes of good health for the signs of fever!”

The dervish said to the seeker, “You have fallen into the first trap of being negative. Now there is a worse possibility for you - don’t become like this doctor! You say, ‘I can know who is not spiritual.’ This is the first step. The second step will be a logical conclusion. Slowly slowly, seeing everybody as not spiritual, the natural conclusion will arise that there is nobody who is spiritual - all are fake, all are pseudo, deceivers, hypocrites, charlatans.

“If that decision is taken you are doomed, because then there is no hope. Because when you say nobody is spiritual, you have denied your own possibility of becoming spiritual. When you say, No buddha has ever existed,’ you have cut your whole future. If you say there has never been any flowering in the world, then, of course, how can you allow you self to flower? That is a worse possibility.”

The dervish is right. Remember these two things from this story. One: look positively - rather than finding who is not spiritual try to find who IS spiritual. Rather than looking for thorns, look for roses. And rather than looking for the darkness, look for the stars; rather than looking for diseases, look for health. Always move positively. Then there is a possibility that out of a hundred you may be able to find that one, that oasis in the desert. And with that oasis your life will be transformed. That is your master. Being with him you will also become an oasis.

Sufism is the path of via positiva. Zen transcends mind through the negative; Sufism transcends mind through the positive. Both transcend mind, both go beyond it, so both reach to the same goal.

But, let me repeat, Zen moves through a desert land; Sufism moves into dark, shadowy, but green flowering valleys. You choose! but not from the head. Feel.pulsate with both. And wherever you feel that your inner music starts flowing, then that is it. You have found your key.