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Chapter 20: Mind Is Drunk

The miser said, “No! But even in that chaos when the train was in the wreck, in that accident, I had the presence of mind to kick her teeth. She was not hurt at all, but I had the presence of mind to kick her teeth. So she also got twenty-five thousand rupees.”

In this world, sometimes you use presence of mind, for wrong reasons of course. But when Jesus comes, Buddha comes, you never use presence of mind because it is dangerous. It is not going to give you something; rather, on the contrary, it is going to take everything that you have. You are not going to get twenty-five thousand rupees from the insurance or the government; on the contrary, all the treasury that you have accumulated will simply be washed out. So whenever a Jesus is there you never look at his eyes directly. You look this way and that, you look sideways, you never encounter him. Left and right your eyes move, past and future your mind moves, but just directly, immediately; you are cunning. You miss, because deep down you wanted to avoid.

Jesus is a discomfort. To meet him is inconvenient because he shatters your complete adjustment. He makes you aware that you have been absolutely wrong, he makes you feel that you have sinned, you have missed the mark. He makes you feel that your whole life has been a wastage, that you have not reached anywhere, that you have been standing on the same spot for millions of lives. Of course you feel uneasy before him, you start shaking and trembling deep inside. The only way is to avoid, and you are very cunning in avoiding. You avoid in such ways that you cannot even become aware that you are avoiding. Now try to understand these words.

His disciples said to him:
When will the repose of the dead come about, and when will the new world come?

Jews have been waiting for centuries for the day when the dead should be resurrected, for the day when a new world order of peace, benediction, a divine order, will be born. This world is ugly; as it is, it is like a nightmare. And the only way to tolerate it is to hope that someday this will not be so, the nightmare will end; someday this ugly world will disappear and a new world of beauty and truth and goodness will be born. This is a trick of the mind: this is intoxicating, this gives you hope, and hope is the most alcoholic beverage, nothing can compare with it. If you can hope you can remain drunk forever and ever. This gives you a possibility to wait: “This world is not final, this ugliness is not final, this life is not real life. The real life is to come.” This is what an irreligious man will think.

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