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Chapter 6: Wonder and Awe

The first question:

I look into your eyes and there is no one there. Where are you?

The dewdrop has disappeared into the ocean; now forget the dewdrop and look at the ocean. If you go on searching for the dewdrop, you will miss the ocean; you will remain preoccupied with the dewdrop, you will not be able to see the vastness that has happened. The dewdrop disappearing into the ocean in a sense is no more, but in another sense it is for the first time - now it has become the ocean.

Looking into my eyes, don’t try to search for a person; you will not find any person there. The person has disappeared; now there is a presence. Presence is infinite; a person has a definition - a boundary, a certain name, form, a label. Presence is simply presence. The flower is no more, it has become the fragrance. You can hold the flower in your hand, but you cannot hold fragrance in your hand. To experience fragrance, hands are not needed at all. That’s how you should come close to me: you should be more sensitive towards the presence, synchronize with my presence.

And the only way to synchronize with my presence is for you also to dissolve your person and become a presence. Only two presences can meet and mingle and merge. If you are a person then there is no possibility of melting and merging with me. You remain a rock and I am a river - how are you going to melt and merge with me?

You also become a presence - that’s my whole teaching, my whole message. Let the person die, let the flower disappear, because the person is nothing but a mask. The presence is your essence. The presence is what is meant by godliness. There is no God, only godliness; but because we are persons we imagine God also as a person.

Our attitude towards ourselves is bound to reflect in our other attitudes too; our attitude towards existence is bound to be part of our attitude towards ourselves.

You are still searching in my eyes for a person - certainly there is none. Hence you can become afraid, scared, because you will see emptiness, nothingness.

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