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Chapter 4: God Is a Lie

Before Nivedano calls you back, persuade the buddha to come a little more close, just following you so that he remains a continuous presence behind you.

In every act, in every gesture, in every word, in every silence, day, night, waking, walking, sleeping, whatever you are doing, his presence is always there following you like a shadow.

But the shadow is very solid and the shadow is very radiant; the shadow fills you with great joy. Your heart starts dancing.



Come back.but come back very peacefully as if there is no one here, very silently, with great grace. You have to remember that you are a buddha.

Sit down just for a few seconds to remind yourself of the golden path that you followed, to remind yourself of all the experiences that open their doors at the center of your being.

The experience of the center is the only miracle there is.

Just by your honesty, just by your sincerity, you have made this evening a magic evening. Feel the presence of buddha behind you.

These are the three steps of meditation: first, you will find buddha as a presence behind you; second, you will find buddha as a presence in front of you, you will become a shadow; and third, your shadow will disappear into the buddha, you will become the buddha himself.

You will not be anymore, only the buddha is.

Buddha is just a symbol for pure existence, for ultimate liberation, for nirvana.

One day, these three steps will be fulfilled in you. When the third step is fulfilled, you are awakened, enlightened. Then there is no birth for you, no death for you. You have become part of the ultimate cosmos.

God is dead, and Zen is the only living truth.