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Chapter 20: Just a Glimpse and the Work Is Done

In the two minutes of silence and let-go the other night, you took us to the highest level of consciousness.
The soundless sound and inexpressible gratitude inside, even the watcher disappears. I cannot believe how easy it is!
Beloved Master, is this energy always available, or only close to your physical presence? Is it possible to live in it all the time even while working in Bombay, Sydney or Hamburg?
Then the love between us and my responsibility would become ultimate freedom!
PS. In my lifetimes I have never been so happy!

The energy is yours. It is not my presence. My presence may trigger it; my presence may become a mirror so that you can see your original face. But the face belongs to you, not to the mirror - whether you are here or in Bombay or in Sydney or in Hamburg.

Your energy is yours. Nobody can take it away; just you are not aware of it. You have forgotten the language to understand it. You have forgotten the way to yourself. You are living in the porch of a palace, thinking that this is the palace. And living for many lives in a certain state continuously, again and again, it becomes so conditioned that it is almost a reality. You cannot go beyond it. You cannot even think that there is something beyond it.

The presence of the master can only dissolve this ignorant attitude that there is nothing beyond it.

In fact everything is beyond it. You are beyond it.

This conditioning that you think you are, is not you. The presence of the master cannot give you anything: exactly said, it is destructive. It simply destroys that which is false in you, it does not create the real. The real cannot be created. But the false can be destroyed, and to destroy the false is very easy - just making you aware of it, it starts disappearing.

The false can live only if you live with closed eyes. Open your eyes and the false disappears.

The function of the master is to allow you a few glimpses, a few experiences of your own reality, of your own beyondness - and his work is done.

If you can for a single moment be in total silence, the work is done. Now you know the way, a few steps which lead you inside, to your very center.

Just don’t forget it again, because the conditioning is great and the crowd around you - here or in Hamburg - is going to destroy your small glimpse. It is so fresh, so new, so fragile, that the stonelike conditioning of the crowd around you can easily make you believe that perhaps you were hypnotized; perhaps you dreamt about it. Perhaps it was the presence, but not your own energy.

It is good to try alone, entering into the deep silence without any outside help. Even the presence of the master is an outside help; it has also to be dropped at a certain point, when you have become certain that even the whole world cannot destroy it. Then there is no need of the presence of the master. The presence of the master has become your very flowering. It has entered you, it has become your own fragrance.

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