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Chapter 9: When a Man Has Presence.

This is a Sufi insight. Sufis say that only the master is. You are not. One who has seen God exists for the first time. You exist only when you confront God. You exist only when God looks into your eyes and you look into his eyes. You exist only when you are touched by God and you touch God. Before that, your existence was just an emptiness, a dark night of the soul. It was just a stumbling, a hoping, a waiting. It was very insubstantial; it was dream-stuff. It had no reality in it.

A master is one who is really there. He has presence. He has a kind of radiance. And you can find it and you can observe it. Sometimes just sit near a hotel or by the side of the road and watch people passing by. Start looking for one thing: can you make a distinction? Most people walk like empty shells - and they are many, they are the majority - but sometimes you come across a person who has a kind of presence. You can observe that he is surrounded by an aura, you can feel that he has magnetism. You may have unknowingly observed sometimes that while you were sitting with a few friends, another person comes and suddenly the whole company becomes alive - as if the coming of this new man infuses you with life. Just a moment before, all was dull, you were sad, you were just dragging, talking - talking rubbish. One has to talk. You were passing time. Then a man or a woman enters and suddenly there is a radiance; everything flares up, everything heightens, everything is turned on. Nobody is off. A man of presence has entered.

It happens rarely, because men of presence are rare. It is very rare to find two men of presence in one company, it is very rare. But whenever a man of presence is there, it is loud and clear. If you are even a little bit alert you can see the quality. The empty man exhausts you. If you are sitting by the side of the empty man, he is a parasite. His emptiness pulls your energy into himself, and there it disappears. He is like a black hole.

Physicists say there are black holes in space. If anything comes into the area of the black hole it will be simply sucked in and it will disappear out of existence. A black hole is a star which has collapsed, collapsed into itself. And a star is a big thing. This earth is very small. The sun is sixty thousand times bigger than the earth and our sun is a very, very mediocre star. There are suns - stars - which are a million times bigger. When a star collapses, dies - everything has to die, whatsoever is born has to die - when a star dies, it collapses into itself towards its center. It has great gravitation. Because of the gravitation everything is sucked in. It creates a great negative atmosphere around itself and whatsoever comes close by will be sucked in.

Einstein has said that even sunlight, even sun rays coming closer, will not be able to get back. Now ordinarily it is very difficult to keep the sunlight caught; it will be reflected. But from a black hole it will not be reflected, it will simply be caught and will disappear. Anything that comes too close to the black hole will simply go out of existence.

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