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Chapter 24: A Communion of the Heart

So that is the reason why most of the German intelligentsia is immensely interested in me. And the German politicians and the government is in the same proportion afraid. They are afraid that anybody who comes to me never returns to Germany. They are afraid that I have more influence on their youth than they have.

I have never been in Germany, but still the German politicians have put a few cases against me so that I cannot enter the country, or, if I enter, then I can immediately be arrested.

I have no desire to go anywhere.

On what grounds would they arrest you?

They have made stupid cases against me in the courts. Summonses are there with arrest warrants, that I am saying something which is hurting somebody’s religious feelings. Now, anybody can put a case on that ground. Even in America, the president - I was not thinking that there would be an American Nazi party - but the president of the American Nazi party wrote a letter to me that, “You speak against Adolf Hitler and it hurts our religious feelings.”

I could not believe it! Adolf Hitler and religious feelings.how does he manage to join them together? Then I discovered that he was the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah, and they believe that he had come for the salvation of humanity. That’s why they have put cases against me. There have been cases in India against me.

That is surely a civil suit between you and the Nazi party.

A civil suit, yes.

Oh, that would.because our government is well known for its religious tolerance.

There is nobody who has religious tolerance. If you have a religion you cannot have religious tolerance. Only a man like me, who has no religion, can have religious tolerance. So it does not matter to me - it is simply rubbish.

But any man who is attached to any religion cannot really have religious tolerance. He has already decided what is right, what is true. Now he can show a hypocritical mask of tolerance, but if you look even just at the word tolerance you can see there is the taste of intolerance already present in the very word.

If I say I simply tolerate your presence here, what does it mean? It simply means I do not rejoice in your presence here. You are not welcome. I do not respect you as you are; I simply tolerate you.

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