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Chapter 2: The Beggar and the Emperor

My beloved ones.

Yesterday I talked on four sutras of yoga; today I would like to talk to you on the fifth sutra. The fifth sutra of yoga is:

What is in the atom is in the whole; what is in the tiny is in the immense; what is in the smallest is in the biggest; what is in the drop is in the ocean.

Yoga has always asserted this sutra, but science has only recently supported it. Nobody had ever thought that an atom could contain so much energy - that in this, the smallest part, the next to nothing, so much energy could be hidden that it is capable of blowing everything away.

The splitting of the atom has proved this insight of yoga to be scientific. The atom is not even visible to the eyes, but in the invisible atom is contained such a vast energy, and its explosion is possible.

Similarly, the atom of the being in man is not visible, but in it enormous energy is hidden and the explosion of godliness is possible. This is the meaning of yoga’s declaration that in the atom, the whole is present - that in every particle the whole of existence is present.

Why should yoga have emphasized this sutra? Firstly, because this is the truth, and secondly, because if once it is remembered that in the tiny is hidden the immense, the way is paved for man to remember his own potential. There is no reason for man to feel that he is small - there is no reason for even the smallest to feel small.

It is necessary at this point to keep the opposite side in mind too; that even the vastest, the biggest, should not be filled with ego, because even the smallest has qualitatively the same essence. It is madness for an ocean to become full of ego, because what it has is also possessed by a small drop. There is no reason for even the smallest to feel inferior, and there is no reason for even the biggest to be full of ego. Neither does inferiority have any meaning, nor does superiority. They are both meaningless. This is the conclusion of this fifth sutra of yoga.

Really, man wastes his life in the trap of only two things: either he suffers from an inferiority complex or he suffers from a superiority complex.

Now Adler has made the expression “inferiority complex” popular. So either man suffers from an inferiority complex and constantly feels that he is nothing.. You may have heard the famous phrase of Omar Khayyam, “Dust unto dust” - that dust returns to dust and there is nothing more to it.

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