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Chapter 6: Still Believing in Leprechauns?

Once you have learned to be present to the present then there is no problem at all. Then your response is total, then your response is from your very innermost core, very fulfilling. Then even living in the family situation with all the conflicts of it, you will remain untouched.

The conflicts will be everywhere. If you go to a monastery, there will be conflicts there - the same struggle, the same competition, the hierarchy: somebody trying to boss, somebody trying to put you the way he wants to put you together. Everywhere you will find manipulation, domination, nagging. Everywhere you will find exploitation of your fear, of your greed. Hence, changing situations is not going to help, it has never helped anybody - but it has been one of the ways of wasting one’s life.

For centuries people created monasteries, people created such monasteries that once you enter inside the monastery, you cannot leave it again. It is for your whole life. People became so much afraid of each other - of the wife, of the husband - that there are Catholic monasteries where no woman has ever entered for one thousand years. What fear! The founders of those monasteries must have been really terribly tortured by their wives. Now, even an innocent woman, who is not your wife, is not allowed to enter inside the monastery. Not only a woman, but even a small girl, a six-month-old girl, is not allowed in.

What kind of fear? Are these monks afraid of a six-month-old girl? Are they afraid of the girl, or are they afraid of themselves? Are they going to rape the small child, or what? Are they monks or monsters? But the fear has dominated them. And there are nuns and their nunneries where no man is allowed to enter. But these people are living in misery.

Here are many ex-monks, ex-nuns, Christian, Hindu, Jaina. They have suffered very much; they have to escape from those prisons. But people coming here also expect some kind of monastery.

Just the other day I was reading an article in an Australian magazine against me. The woman who had come to cover this place and its activities is very much shocked. She seems to be a very traditional, orthodox woman, interested in yoga and Hindu spirituality et cetera. She says, “This is a strange kind of ashram. Nobody has ever heard of anything like this.”

She is offended by one thing most: that people are laughing, dancing, singing - in short, that people are alive. She is very much offended that there is a certain climate of a “holiday resort.” She must have looked for a prison, not a holiday resort. What is wrong in the “climate of a holiday resort”? That should be the climate of the whole earth! That should be the very climate of life itself. Life should be a holiday. Only a holiday is a holy day.

And people are working here, people are continuously working. It is not that they are just lazing around - but the climate is certainly of joy, of laughter. That offends.

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