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Chapter 13: Make It Your Only Longing

The third is also in the present, but unconscious. The first is in the future, the second is in the past, the third is in the present but unconscious, the fourth is in the present and consciously in the present. The fourth is the state of a Buddha, of a Christ, of a Krishna, of a jina.

This is the goal of all sannyas. Unless this is achieved life has been a sheer wastage. Unless this is known you have not known anything at all. Unless you have reached this fourth state, the center, the very center, the innermost shrine of your being, your life cannot have meaning and significance. Then you missed the spring. Then you lived only a so-called life - futile, ugly.

The fourth brings you to the optimum. You become the Everest, the peak, the fulfillment, the flowering; the one-thousand-petaled lotus opens up. Then all the blessings of existence are yours, all the love of existence is yours, all the freedom of existence is yours.

And the most remarkable thing to be remembered is: the fourth contains all the three. So the fourth can be scientific, can be poetic, can be restful. It is possible for the person who has achieved the fourth to move in all the dimensions, all the other three dimensions.

Man has come to a point where he needs the fourth; only with the fourth will we be able to give birth to a new man. And the new man is urgently needed - the old man is finished, he is outdated. He is just lingering somehow, stale and dead. Out of old habit he goes on and on. But this century’s end will be very decisive: either we will be able to give birth to a new man or we will have to commit suicide.

My effort here is to prepare the ground for the new man. Sannyas, according to me, is only a preparation to herald the new man. Hence I am teaching you the Philosophia Ultima. This is the ultimate philosophy: the method, the technique, the device, to reach the fourth. make it your only longing, your only desire. Become this longing, that you have to reach the fourth. And once you are committed, involved, there is no reason why you cannot reach - it is your potential, it is your birthright.

Enough for today.