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Chapter 6: There Is No Meaning

When I am looking at you, you simply look at me! When I am giving you my being, you give your being to me. Be available, let it be a contact. It is not a communication, it is a communion. I am not communicating a certain message which can be deciphered, decoded - no. I am giving myself to you in that gesture. It is bigger than any meaning that can be given to it - and you are also bigger. If the contact happens, you will feel that boundaries have dissolved. For a moment you were not there. For a moment you were possessed by me - and not only by me but, through me, by the whole. So whenever I look at you, whenever I want to penetrate into your eyes, whenever I knock at your door, at your heart, open the doors.

Don’t try to find the meaning. In finding the meaning you will miss the meaning - because the contact is the meaning, a deep inner embrace is the meaning.

The second question:

My mind is in such a state of confusion that it is impossible to remain in the middle. Wouldn’t it be better to follow the mind in all its extremes so that I can experience the whole absurdity of it?

The first part of the question: “My mind is in such a state of confusion that it is impossible to remain in the middle.”

I am not saying that you should remain in the middle. If you try to remain in the middle you will never be in the middle. The middle is a balance; you cannot try to be there. You will have to lean to the left, you will have to lean to the right. Don’t cling to any position. Be free. And between leaning to the left and leaning to the right, somewhere a subtle point arises in you. It is not outside of you. If you go to look outside there is left and right; there is no middle.

It is just like time. Space and time are together. Try to understand. If you look at the clock there is past and there is future, there is no present. Your clock never says what the present is - it cannot say, because the moment it has said it, it is already the past. So the hands of the clock move from the past to the future; there is no present in your clock - cannot be. Present is not part of time. You have learned in your schools and your universities that the present is part of time - that is absurd. Present is not part of time. You have heard it repeated so many times that time is divided into three tenses - past, present and future - that it has become a conditioning in your mind. No. Time has only two divisions: past and future.

Then where is the present? The present is in you. If you look out, you will find past and future; if you look in, you will find the present and always the present. There is no past and no future - there cannot be. You move inward and you move into the eternity of the present; you move outward and either you move into the past or you move into the future.

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