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Chapter 8: Tomorrow Never Comes

One evening, Mulla Nasruddin was walking down a street. The street was lonely and suddenly he became aware of some horsemen, some troops coming towards him. His mind began to work. He thought they may be robbers, they may kill him. Or, they may be soldiers of the king and he may be pressed into military service, or something. He made himself frightened. Then the horses and their sounds came nearer. He bolted, ran away, jumped into a cemetery, and just to hide from them he lay down in an open grave.

Seeing this man suddenly running away, those horsemen became aware. “What has happened?” They were just innocent travelers. So they ran after Mulla Nasruddin, they jumped, they came near his grave. He was lying there with closed eyes, as if dead. So they asked, “What has happened? Why did you suddenly become so frightened? What is the matter?”

Then Mulla Nasruddin realized that he had unnecessarily frightened himself. He opened his eyes and then said, “It is a very complicated thing, very complex. If you insist on asking why I am here, I will tell you. I am here because of you, and you are here because of me. This is a vicious circle.”

If you desire, you have moved into the future, and this will create a vicious circle. Every time when that future becomes a present, you will again move into the future. Today I will think of tomorrow; this will become a habit. And tomorrow never comes. It cannot come; that is impossible. When it comes it is again a today, and I have created a habit of moving always from today to tomorrow. So when tomorrow comes it comes as a today; I again move for the tomorrow.

This is a chain. And the more you do it, the more you become efficient in doing it. And the tomorrow never comes. Always what comes is today, and with today you have no relationship. You have a mechanism: because it is a today, you move. This is a very long habit - not only of this life but of lives together. One has to break it, one has to come out of it.

Whatsoever you are doing, remember only one thing: remain in the present while you are doing it. It is difficult, arduous, and you cannot succeed immediately. A long habit is to be broken. It is going to be a tough struggle, but try. The very effort will create a gap. And the very effort will give you, sometimes, some moments of the present. And once you know the taste, you are on the path.

We don’t know even the taste of the present. We have never tasted it, we have never lived in it - never, I say. And it is always here. It is the very life. It is all that is in life.

Jesus says that we are just dead, not alive.

He is passing by a fisherman. It is just in the morning, the sun is about to rise. The fisherman has thrown his net into the lake. Jesus puts his hand on the fisherman’s shoulder and says, “Are you going to destroy your whole life just catching fish? I can show you something better to catch. I can make you a fisherman of life.”

The fisherman looked at Jesus as if some magnet was working on him. He threw his net and followed, went with Jesus.

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