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Chapter 29: Life - for the Sheer Joy of It

And when Sheela left, in her room we found literature on poison, on bombs, on snakes, on black spiders. And on the book about poisons, only that poison is underlined. The book describes it, that it is undetectable if given in a certain dose. It does not kill the person immediately. You have to go on giving it at least few times. Within six months the person will go on getting more and more sick, will become more and more available to any infection, and will die almost a natural death. Nobody can suspect that he has been poisoned.

But only one person, the medical person in the group, knew about it. The whole medical corporation was unaware.

So the problem was that the secret was kept within those twenty people, and because they all were in some way or other involved in arson, in murder - they murdered one man - in attempts to murder, in taping the telephones, in bugging the houses, in drugging the street people..

Just yesterday one of the women who belonged to the group of the twenty - she was not here when they left, she was coming from Australia.. If she had come a day earlier they would have taken her with themselves. She was supposed to come a day earlier, but somehow she got late and reached a day after. They had all left.

Yesterday she informed me that, “I wanted many times to come to Your house and to inform Your caretaker, Your doctor or somebody who can take the message to You what is going on within this group of twenty people, what they are doing. But I was afraid they will kill me, immediately they will kill me.”

All twenty were afraid that they will be killed. Killing had become for them such a simple matter, very casual, of no importance.

One woman came back from Seattle from the group. She had gone, but she must have a certain conscience. She felt that to go with these people and to remain her whole life a criminal, guilty, hiding, it is better to go back to the commune and confess everything. And if there is a punishment, then it is better to take the punishment. At least that will be more dignified rather than hiding like a criminal in Black Forest in Germany or in Switzerland, in the mountains.

So she came back and she has given the testimony. Her testimony has lasted for seven days continuously, because these people have committed so many crimes that it took seven days for her to describe all these four years, how they did what they did, how they had been stealing files from government offices. She was the woman who drove two of the group to Wasco County office to burn the planning office building. And they burned it. She drove them and she brought them back. She is the only eyewitness.

Now, the day they left, immediately many others who had small informations.. For example, in one of my morning discourses where ten thousand sannyasins were present, in the crowd one of the twenty injected the poison into my physician’s body. He looked back, he could see the woman. He took his robe off, he showed to people. They saw the blood , they saw the mark of the needle. And one man said that he has seen the woman push the needle, and that was the woman the doctor himself has seen. But only when these people left, then that man gave his testimony that he was an eyewitness, not before that.

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