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Chapter 5: Turning Lions into Sheep

The monk said, “It was only true about the second cheek. Now you have the third and the fourth. From the second, one has to move to the third; it is simple arithmetic!”

I appreciate Friedrich Nietzsche more on this point than Jesus Christ. Perhaps in the whole of history, only Friedrich Nietzsche has got the point. He says, “When somebody hits you on one cheek and you give him the other cheek you are insulting him. You are saying ‘I am holier-than-thou. You are just an ordinary human being; I am a superman, I am divine. You hit me, but I will still love you and give you the other cheek.’”

Friedrich Nietzsche’s argument is that this is humiliating the other person. It is a very pious way of insulting the other person, forcing him to be subhuman, and raising your ego to a superhuman level.

Nietzsche’s advice is: when somebody hits you on one cheek, it is your duty to hit the other cheek of the person who has hit you. That makes you equal; that does not insult the other person. That is not a humiliation, you are not reducing him into a subhuman being. You are respecting him man-to-man.

But Jesus was pretending that he was not an ordinary man; he was the only begotten son of God - and he was calling the whole of humanity just a crowd of sheep.

You may not have gone deep into the logic, but it is absolutely clear that he was an arch-egoist. He did not talk man-to-man; he was talking from a high, very high space, and you were just creatures crawling on the earth. You were sheep, and he was your shepherd.

All values imposed from outside never get to your center. The only authentic values are those which come from your center and spread outwards, not vice versa. That’s exactly the meaning of education: drawing the water out from the well.

Education means drawing your inner being into expression in your living, your day-to-day life. Your honesty, your love, your compassion, should come from your inner being, not from teachings and scriptures, not from rabbis and bishops and shankaracharyas and Ayatollah Khomeini.

Who are these people? Pretenders, hypocrites.

And as far as honesty is concerned.. Because of thousands of years of conditioning, you have never thought what it means. It means not to live moment to moment. What was honest yesterday may not be honest today. What is honest today may not be honest tomorrow. Life is a flux.

The real honesty is not towards the society, towards the church, towards God - no. The real honesty is a responsibility to the present moment. It needs tremendous awareness. You have to be honest to the present moment, not to the past, not to the future. And the present moment is changing..

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