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Chapter 10: Seriousness: The Disease of the Ego

It is your desire that becomes the seed, and through the desire you move and move, from one dream to another. When you move from one life to another, it is nothing but moving from one dream to another. When you become thoughtless, when you drop all thinking and simply remain in the present moment, suddenly time has disappeared.

The present moment is not part of time at all. You divide time into three tenses: past, present, future. That is wrong. The past and the future are time; the present is not part of time, the present is part of existence. The past is in the mind: if your memory is lost, where will the past be? The future is in the mind: if your imagination is dropped, where will the future be? But the present will be there. It does not depend on you and your mind. The present is existential. Only this moment is true; all other moments either belong to the past or to the future. The past has gone, is no more, and the future has not come yet. Both are non-existential. Only the present is real, only one moment of present. When the desires cease and thinking ceases, suddenly you are thrown to the present moment, and from the present moment opens the door to eternity. The seed is burned. With the dropping of the desire the seed disappears on its own accord - it was created by the desire.

The third question:

As a comparatively new sannyasin, I am a little worried about the number of very serious, worried looking sannyasins around you. Could you reassure me about this please?

Yes, many things have to be understood. First, religious people are always serious. I am not a religious person, but many religious persons, misunderstanding me, come to me. Religious persons are always serious; they are ill. They are frustrated with life, so much frustrated, failed completely, that they have lost the quality to enjoy. In life they have come across nothing but anguish. In life they have never been able to celebrate. They have become religious out of the frustration of life; then they are serious, and they have the attitude that they are doing something very great. They are trying to console their egos: “You may have failed in life, but you are succeeding in religion; you may have failed in the outer world, but in the inner you have become a paragon. In the world of things you may have failed, but your kundalini is rising, chakras are opening.” And then they compensate: they start looking at others with a condemnatory eye. Their attitude is “holier-than-thou.” All are sinners. Only they are going to be saved, everybody else is going to be thrown into hell. These religious people have created hell for others, created heaven for themselves. They are living a compensatory life - not real, but of imagination. These people will be serious.

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