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Chapter 11: The Discipline of Witnessing

This is not a discipline that one can practice only once in a while and then become liberated. This has to be practiced continuously, night and day. Gradually it will pervade you all the time. As you practice witnessing, as you move more into the state of witnessing, that state settles more and more and begins to be present all the time. Sitting or standing, walking or stopping, it is present. Slowly it remains there both in waking and sleeping states. It continues to be present even in sleep. And when this happens, when it begins to be present even in sleep, you can be certain that it has deepened, that it has gone deep within.

As of now you are asleep even when you are awake, then you will be awake even when you are sleeping.

The discipline of witnessing disperses thoughts from the waking state and dreams from sleep. The mind free of thoughts and dreams is unstirred. It becomes calm, waveless, without a tremor, just as the sea is calm when there are no waves, just as the flame of a lamp does not flicker when there is no breeze blowing into the house. It is in such a state that the self - that which one is, that which is the truth - is known. And the gates to the palace of God open.

This gate, this entrance, does not lie in the scriptures, in words - it lies within oneself. That is why I say not to search elsewhere but to dig within yourself. Don’t go anywhere else. Go inside yourself. I have explained to you the method of how to go in.

From the serenity and the sparkle that has descended in your eyes I conclude you have understood me. But this understanding alone is not enough. It is not intellectual understanding, but spiritual experience which becomes the foundation for a life of truth. Walk a bit in the direction of what I have said and see. Just be a little in that dimension and see. Even if you only walk a little you will have gone a long way because when you move toward the truth, with every move you make toward it, you keep coming more under the influence of its gravitational pull - and you not only walk toward it, but get drawn by it as well.

And finally, remember that those who walk certainly reach one day. No step taken in God’s direction ever goes in vain. I bear witness to this truth. How I want you also to realize this truth, even for a moment, so that you can bear witness to it as well! It is so close to you. It is just a matter of your waking up to it. The sun has already risen. You only have to open your eyes to see it.

I am inviting you to open your eyes. Will you hear my call and open your eyes? The decision and determination depend on you and you alone.