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Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today

What is the present? - a passage. From the past you move to the future; in that movement, just for a single moment, is the present. What is the present? It is just a passage from the past to the future, it is a door from this room to that. But if neither this room exists, nor that, then how can the door exist? It is a bridge between past and future. And if both the banks are not, how can the bridge exist?

Sosan is right. Sosan says: neither past, nor future, nor present. He is saying there is no time. And the whole language depends on time, past, future, present. Language is a creation of the mind, time is also a creation of the mind.

When you drop language, time disappears. When you drop thinking, there is no past, no present, no future. You go beyond time, there is no time. When there is no time, there is eternity. When there is no time, you have moved into the world of the eternal.

The truth is eternal.

And all that you have got are temporal reflections of the truth. It is just like a moon has arisen in the sky, it is a full-moon night, and you look deep into the lake and the moon is there. This moon is all that you have - the moon in the lake.

The mind mirrors; all truths that you have are mirrored by mind, they are reflections.

What is Sosan saying? Sosan is saying: forget this lake - because this is a mirror. Look beyond, only then will you be able to see the real moon; and it is there.

But you are too much identified with the lake, with the mirroring mind. Drop the mind and suddenly everything that you were missing fits, everything that you were seeking happens, everything that you always dreamed and desired is there. Everything is fulfilled.

The whole message is how to drop out of the mind, language and time.

Enough for today.