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Chapter 5: Beyond the Prism of the Mind

Let us first understand the false way because if you can understand the false as the false, half the journey is over. Then it is very simple to understand the true as the true. To know the false as the false, you have already come to an understanding of what is or what can be the true. So always start by understanding the false first. False eliminated, the true remains. So first the false way.

Everybody is prone to getting into the trap of the false because it is very alluring; it functions almost like a magnet. The mind feels very much attracted to it. The mind has a tendency to be attracted to the false. Why? Because the mind itself is the false. It feeds on the false. So wherever your mind feels attracted, beware: something false, something illusory, something of the world of dreams is attracting you. Mind lives in dreams; it is made of dream stuff. In the day you call those dreams thoughts, in the night you call those thoughts dreams, but it is all the same, the same flow, the same energy. The mind goes on spinning dreams, sometimes verbally, sometimes through images, but the whole production of the mind is dream.

The mind feels very much attracted to the goal-oriented way because the mind is always attracted to the future. The mind is afraid of the present; it does not want to be in the present.

Have you ever observed a very, very significant fact that the mind cannot be in the present? - cannot be in the present at all? When you are in the present, the mind is not. The present is so small that there is no space for thoughts to move. It is so small that thoughts cannot exist. They need a little space to play around, to jog around. The present moment cannot contain any thoughts, so mind cannot exist in the present; it exists in the future or in the past. It is an expert about the past and an expert about the future - and both are not: the past is no more, and the future has not yet happened. So mind lives in the false: either that which is no more or that which is not yet. Both are false, both are unreal. So mind either runs backwards or forwards, but the mind is never now, never here.

And the whole art of meditation is to be herenow. To be herenow means you have slipped out of the mind. And even to slip out for a single moment is of tremendous beauty and tremendous significance because then you see what reality is. Then you see that which is. Then you see God, or truth. Then you see existence in its authentic color, quality, sound.

The moment mind starts working, the future has entered, or the past. Either you are imagining or you are remembering. So the mind feels very happy with the goal-oriented way. It gives enough space for the mind to fool around, to go on thinking thoughts, dreaming dreams. There is enough space. Future is an opening for the mind.

But the moment mind starts working, you are closed to the present - and the present is all that is true. The present means the eternal. The future and past are part of time; the present is part of eternity. Through the present you slip..

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