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Chapter 18: Existential Worship

And I don’t think that Columbus had any visa or any green card, or any Americans who came in the beginning had any green card or any visa. But the people who have succeeded them have been holding back my green card for four years. If you want to say no, do you need four years? They are afraid to say no because they don’t have any grounds to say no. And once they say no, we move to the courts. Then it goes beyond their hands. Yes they cannot say, because of the pressure of the politicians.

It does not matter to me. The green card is of no value to me. I can live here without a green card - I have lived without it for four years, I can live without it twenty years more. They can keep their green card. But they have to know that they are going against the Constitution in every way. Either they have to say yes, or they have to say no.

The whole department has been working on my green card for four years. Great intelligence! They have never confronted a group of people like us. So it is very exciting to us, but to them it is a nightmare. So have a good nightmare! What can we do? We are ready to withdraw the nightmare if they just do the right thing - that which the Constitution allows.

But you have to be ready and alert.

Whatever happens will be a good experience.

In fact, as far as I am concerned, I am really excited.